Micro Greens & Flowers

We grow just micro greens and edible flowers! We are specialists and not distracted by other offerings.

All Natural

No artificial products are used to grow the micro greens and edible flowers that we supply..

Biologically Grown

We focus on soil health, nutrients and "good bugs" to deliver the best plant nutrition for you.


We grow for you delicious microgreens and edible flowers even a carnivore can love.

naturally grown micro greens and edible flowers are great for your health

What we do that's simply different

When you procure our Microgreens you will come to realise that what's in the pot or package isn't just any microgreen.
If you are a food service customer it is important to remember that we only grow to order, to meet your time frames.
When you buy from the Farmers Markets 560 Microgreens are picked that morning, just for you.
What sets 560 Farms Microgreens apart is how we grow and care for them ... here's whats different.


Nurtured by hand.


Watered by rain.


Grown in natural sunlight .


Nutritionally superior


Flavour enhanced by nature .


Grown in soil .


What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are the tiny green cotyledon leaves of plants for example Rocket, Peas, Curly Leaf Cress, Beetroot and Radish that are harvested at their seedling stage.

When consumed at a young age these gourmet miniature leaves are so nutrient-dense, their nutritional benefits are substantially higher than the fully developed adult plant. They are known for their high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and weight loss benefits.

The flavour of Microgreens are very distinct and unique. They can be described as nutty, mild to tangy, peppery and even spicy.


Don't they look just great, adding a totally different visual to what's on the plate?

There are lots of added bonuses as many types of flowers supply a wealth of key nutrients necessary for good health.

The vivid colors of edible flowers indicate the presence of beneficial compounds called phytonutrients, flavonoids and antioxidants. In fact they also supply vitamin C along with a good dose of potassium.

Regardless of this bonus we just love the vibrancy and joy they deliver.

Where you can find us

Here is a selection of markets and restaurants where you can both purchase and experience our micro greens and edible flowers.

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