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Soil Preparation at 560 Farms

Soil Preparation

Yes we grow your microgreens in real soil.

Applying plant nutrition from a bottle or drum, doesn't deliver the same nutritional outcome that soil delivered nutrition does.

Seed Preparation

Healthy nutritious plants begin with healthy seed and this is even more critical for healthy microgreens

Seed Preparation for Planting at 560 Farms


Optimal plant density and plant establishment is the foundation for plant growth and health.


Microgreens, because of their rapid growth, require nothing but the best, and rainwater without additives is the best.

Watering Microgreens


Like humans plants need a healthy environment to reach their potential. Plants express their nutritive value by their range and depth of colour.


From our farm to your kitchen we are mindful of not contributing to the waste strea. Wherever possible we use compostable packaging.